Global warming essay hook

July 8, 2019
global warming essay hook

If you cant grab your readers attention right within the first few sentences, you wont have it throughout the rest of the essay, either. Dont bore your reader! Instead, use a captivating hook to ensnare them from the first few words.

Global warming is the rising of the earths surface temperature due to chemicals in the atmosphere. Global warming has many threats on the climate and even the health of the people on this planet.

The story of global warming is a contentions and polarizing subject, basically dividing the people of the world into two camps, those who believe the story of global warming, and those who do not.

Global warming in itself isnt pollution - global warming is the gradual warming of the earth. However, global warming was caused by carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere, but global warming in itself isnt a pollution.

The earth has been warmer and cooler than it is now without human intervention many thousands of times.

Published by national geographic, this article asserts that, in order to slow global warming, the world needs to stop emitting greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses can be reduced by improving fuel economy in vehicles and relying more on alternative energy sources.

  my thesis global warming has been a big issue that has effects on our world, environment, and especially the future generations. The three main effects are natural disasters, a change in the temperature, and the spread of disease.

The overwhelming scientific consensus is that humans are causing the climate to warm by emitting immense amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Global warming threatens to melt the ice caps, raise sea levels, and increase the potency and frequency of severe weather events.